Nighthawk XR1000 Router Setup

Configure up the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR1000 gaming router

I’m old enough to remember when routers were designed as standard open networks without a password. That is no longer the case. Under XR1000 you will find the default network name and password. Just to be on the safe side, they also affixed a removable sticker with the same information on the front.

I downloaded the Nighthawk application to my Smartphone, connected the router, and entered the default password. I was automatically redirected to the XR1000 on to complete the installation.

Internet connection and speed optimize the performance of the XR1000. This is the first time I have seen a speed test performed on a router during installation. It means a lot to me. From here you can edit the network name and password for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

DumaOS management 

DumaOS is the user interface of the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router. The DumasOS console allows you to manage and optimize your network. Instead of applications, DumaOS functions are called “Rapps”. Most Rapp panels have customization options explained in the step-by-step guide available in the Help section.

Users can save their favorite Rappy to their personalized dashboard by clicking on the pin icon. In the future, you can quickly configure your network from one place.

As a bonafide idiot router, I love the DumaOS dashboard. It has a lot of customization options. Some features shocked me completely.

The Geo-Filter tab reduces gaming delays by providing a local connection. This ensures that the server you are using is close to your location. You can also view your ping on the game host / server and view the location of other players in your game.

Ping Heatmat will show you ping on game servers around the world. Select a game from the list and the card will fill the servers. This is a crazy thing. It really shows us how we are connected to the whole world of online gaming.

QoS helps prevent network congestion by controlling congestion and allocating bandwidth. Congestion Control prevents voracious devices from increasing bandwidth. This could be, for example, streaming Netflix on the TV in the living room. Setting congestion control to Auto-enable allows you to play with a low probability of slowing down competing devices.

Test the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR1000 gaming router

I downloaded the Nighthawk app, but I didn’t see DumaOS in it. Maybe they’ll update it in the future. However, I have access to the DumaOS Dashboard by going to on my PC.

I spent a lot of time on the DumaOS dashboard. It is a paradise of network nerds. You don’t have to be a player to appreciate the real-time data it provides.

Network Monitor provides real-time statistics about my network connection, device separation, application and traffic class. The graphs are much clearer and visually show me which devices are bandwidth.

The Network Snapshot panel shows my current bandwidth usage on each device connected to my network. It will be very interesting to monitor the download and upload speeds on each device. Most people think it’s all about the highest download speeds. In fact, upload speeds are very important, and this is reflected in the Network Snapshot panel.

The network overview shows a live graph of my total bandwidth usage. The Categorization panel shows how many bandwidth-specific processes on your device are using. For example, it disrupts real-time usage between general web use, file sharing, e-mail, and social media. As a test, I played a YouTube video on my smartphone, and the category of social networking grew rapidly. It actually monitors my network in real-time.

Final thoughts

I always have a problem with game router reviews. Online gaming depends on many factors such as maximum download / upload speed, connection type (wireless / Ethernet), gaming device and so on. If all the factors are checked and optimized, you need to consider a dedicated router in the game.

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