Change Netgear Router Settings

How Do I Change Netgear Router settings?

Home networking equipment is standard, and Netgear routers are among the most popular. On occasion, it will be necessary to adjust the security settings stored on the router. The security settings must be modified first to open a port to the Internet or modify the WEP or WPA security key required to access the router and the network. So, in this post, we will describe how to change NetGear router settings. Keep reading!

Step 1

In order to access the router’s administration interface, you will need a computer connected to the router via a local area connection. To accomplish this, you will first need to launch a browser window and enter the local IP address of the router. This IP address will be specified in the User Guide that comes packaged with the Netgear Router and on the installation CD. The default address for most Netgear routers is either or

Step 2

Enter the administrator’s user ID and password at the prompt to log in.

Step 3

When you change NetGear router settings, the Basic Settings page serves as the initial point of contact once a user has successfully authenticated into the management interface. The navigation menu on the left provides access to a selection of alternative pages. On the tab under “Basic Settings,” you can make the IP address either dynamic or static. The MAC address and domain servers are also included on this page for your reference.

Step 4

Choose “Wireless Settings” from the left navigation menu to modify the router’s WEP key or any other wireless security settings. This can be done by selecting “Wireless Settings.” On the page under “Wireless Settings,” you have the option of turning WEP on or off, as well as specifying a preset key.

Step 5

The next step is to produce a key for security encryption. To accomplish this, enter a word into the “Passphrase” area and click the “Produce” button. The application will then generate four encryption keys on its own.

Step 6

To save your changes, click the “Apply” button. The configurations for the wireless security have been finalized at this point.

Step 7

Enter the encryption key chosen while this configuration was being done to connect a machine to the network.

Further information

Your NETGEAR wireless network’s default password can be written on your router’s underside. On the other hand, that appears to be a jumbled assortment of alphabets and letters. Even though it is a strong password and no one will readily be able to guess it, it is still difficult to remember when you are trying to join a new device to the network or want to change router settings NetGear. This is because the password is difficult to guess. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you alter the password for your NETGEAR wireless network.

How can I update the password for my NETGEAR Wi-Fi network?

Follow these procedures in order to update the password for your NETGEAR wireless network:

Launch your web browser and go online.

Enter into the address bar of your browser. You can also type in or as an alternate.

There will be a login page that appears. Please use the provided areas to enter the username and password for the router. (Admin is the default username, and password is the default password.) Learn how to factory reset your NETGEAR router if you need to remember your login details.

Make sure you click the Log In button.

After you have logged in, navigate to the Wireless area and click there.

To change your password, use the sections labeled “Password” and “Network Key.”

To proceed, click the Apply button.

Your password will also be updated, and all of the changes that you made will be stored.


What is the password that is set on the Netgear Router by default?

The following are the usernames and passwords that come pre-set on your Netgear router:

“admin” is the username that is used by default.

As the default password, “password” was used.

How can I locate the password for my Netgear WiFi network?

The WiFi password that is used by default is inscribed on one of the sides of the router. On the other hand, you may also discover the password for the Netgear WiFi network within the Nighthawk app.

How Can I Change the Password on My Netgear Wireless Router in a Hurry?

You will need to navigate the Wireless Network Settings menu from the Netgear Genie Smart Wizard. Change the password for the Home WiFi network by going to that section and selecting the Password option.


It is highly recommended that the password for any Netgear routers in your house or office be changed on a regular basis. You and any other linked devices will be protected from the malicious cyber activity if you do it this way.

In addition, Netgear router settings include a feature that allows users to retrieve forgotten passwords. You can quickly recover your password by responding to some straightforward security questions if you have forgotten it.

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